[in preparation; preprint available] “Silent Partners: The Institutionalization of Markets and the Origins of Financialization, 1950-1975.”

“The Machine in the Market: Computers and the Infrastructure of Price at the New York Stock Exchange, 1965–1975.” Social Studies of Science 47, no. 6 (December 1, 2017): 888–917.


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"The People's Utility." Logic Magazine Issue 5: Failure. (2018)

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Review, "FastLane: Managing Science in the Internet Age" by Jeffrey Yost and Thomas Misa. British Journal for the History of Science. 50, no. 3 (September, 2017): 563-5.


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Review, "From Mainframes to Smartphones: A History of the International Computer Industry" by Martin Campbell-Kelly and Daniel Garcia-Swartz. Enterprise & Society. (2018) [forthcoming]

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